Worked with Donsuemor, a company specializing in French-inspired baked goods, primarily the madeleine. The client goals were to increase business to consumer marketing efforts, brand awareness and social media engagement. We assessed the current strengths and weaknesses of the company, reevaluate the target audience, built out a segmentation study and current strategic brand communication mix. We developed a marketing strategy that focused on more involvement in the digital marketing and social media space blending four different strategies: retail sales promotion, experiential marketing, digital and social media marketing.

discover GREY

Worked with discover GREY, a lifestyle brand and magazine that is geared towards leaders and entrepreneurs. We built a marketing strategy focusing on the consumer profile, SWOT analysis, competitive mix and brand positioning, to help elevate discover GREY in their market industry.

Creative Design

Logo Design

Examples of a logo designs that I have worked on with previous clients.

Digital Marketing

Worked with various clients designing email templates, social media assets, display ads and podcast covers.


Worked with various clients designing posters, books, booklets, flyers, invitations, stationery, packages and
so much more!